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CLCF Leadership Academy

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CLCF Leadership Academy

The Latino Caucus believes in engaging and mobilizing the next generation of leaders from all industries. As a result, last year the Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation launched it's exclusive Leadership Academy to create a much needed talent pipeline to fulfill leadership gaps in both the public and private sectors. The CLCF Academy is specifically geared for mid-level high-potential professionals with a proven track record and passion for leadership, civic engagement, and potential for upward mobility.

Our curriculum offers the following:

  • Exclusive leadership and management development
  • Individualized personality assessments to understand and improve leadership styles and tenets so that fellows can lead and influence more effectively
  • Access to community, civic, and industry leaders throughout the program to ensure participants understand issues specific to Chicago and how to potentially offer sustainable solutions
  • One-on-one executive coaching by seasoned professionals who can develop and provide necessary personalized feedback

Upon completion, fellows will be well prepared for the following:

  • Serve on both private and public boards & commissions 
  • Upward mobilization to executive level roles within their respective industries
  • Effectively campaign and run for elected office

Leadership Academy Requirements

It is important to attract applicants from all backgrounds who can offer diversity of thought, education, and experiences.  Applicants from the public and private sectors, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, are ideal participants that can bring the necessary balance for a successful and transformational experience.  To be considered for the CLCF Leadership Academy, applicants must meet preferably 3 of the 4 following criteria:

  • Mid-level professional with minimum 7 years experience
  • Demonstrated leadership track record either through current position, or Chairmanship/Presidency on a professional board or organization
  • Desire to run for elected office: evidenced through previous attempts, completion of prior training programs such as Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership or the Edgar Fellows Program to name a few
  • Advanced degree (preferred) or the equivalent of a proven track record of entrepreneurship and/or sustainable self-employed, self-made business owner

Interested applicants must be referred by the following sources:

  • Nomination or sponsorship letter from elected official, City of Chicago Commissioner, Company President, Advisory Council Member, or Latino Parity Taskforce Advisor
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Employer Letter of Support to ensure all day attendance every third Friday of the month per program schedule

Click Here to Apply to the Leadership Academy Class of 2020

*ALL application materials must be submitted simultaneously*


Program Cost

Investing in professional development and leadership training can prove to be rather costly for individuals and companies. Compared to existing executive education programs, the CLCF Leadership Academy offers significant savings. Nearly 40% of the true per capita cost will be subsidized through private sponsorships.  Fellows will be allowed to either raise or pay their corresponding costs tiered below:

  • Nonprofit and government employees: $1,500
  • Entrepreneurs and independent contractors:  $2,000
  • Private Sector: $2,500

Curriculum Schedule

*All sessions take place on the 3rd Friday of every month, capstone coaching sessions take palace each month and are conducted virtually,  attendance for each session is mandatory*

October 18-19, 2019    Weekend Introductory Retreat 
November 15, 2019   Management Fundamentals, Public Policy , & Legislative Process
December 2019   One-on-one coaching, virtual capstone coaching
January 17, 2020   Keeping & Disrupting Power
February 21,  2020  Media Training
March 20, 2020  Leadership Fundamentals I & Executive Coaching
April 17, 2020   Leadership Fundamentals II & Executive Coaching
May 15, 2020  Capstone Presentations
June 19, 2020 Graduation